We have been using the Pit Mat under our go-karts and race cars, both at our shop and at the race track. It is absorbing oil, brake cleaner, WD40, brake fluid and fuel like a sponge. Any spills or drips easily disappear into the Pit Mat, keeping our floor or pit area clean and safe. Now, when we pit on asphalt, we have no worries about harmful chemicals damaging the asphalt below. No more ugly oil spots on our workshop floor or pit spots at the race track!!!

RYSA Racing, Miami FL

The Pit Mat has been great for us. Not only do we use them in the shop to keep the floors clean and absorb spills in our work areas, we also use them at the track. We have some tracks in the West that are very protective of their pit asphalt and require ground covering. We have used other methods in the past, but the Pit Mat has proven to be the best. In addition to working as advertised, it keeps our pit area looking clean and professional.

Andy Seesemann
Full Throttle Karting, Orange CA

Any one of our race days can get pretty hectic, so when it comes to having a clean and comfortable working environment, I am very particular on what we use in our pit area. The Pit Mat not only looks great, this perfectly sized protective mat is easy to set in place and stow away when we're done. The Pit Mat is extremely durable and has withstood (and protectively held) any of the liquids and grime we've occasionally been known to have in karting- which not only keeps our crew happy, it's awesome to help protect the environment at the track- which keeps track management happy. A great feature we love is that the mat is completely washable after a race weekend- ready to go time and time again. I've seen just about every type of so called pit mat tried, but there is only one that truly stands up the rigors and demands of serious racers. The Pit Mat. It's the only choice for us

Jeff Wesell
Streeter Super Stands / Hepfner Racing Products

We finally got a chance to try the mats out last weekend and it was a wild weekend to test them! It rained for 2 days and the mats got covered in mud, water, chain wax, petrol, CRC and when we brought them back to the factory, we clean them just with some detergent, a brush and hosed them off to find that came up like brand new with no signs of wear at all. We will be using them again in a couple of weeks, but so far they are very good and help keep the tent floor clean as well. Regards

Greg Smith
Tony Kart Australia

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